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Julia Turner

Entrepreneur, Founder of NEKKTAR and Co-Founder at ikonixs

Julia is a recent graduate from Duke University who is an entrepreneur and the founder of Nekktar. Julia shares with us a FASCINATING story about how she built her company right out of college in the Cannabis industry! She also shares with us more about Pangea.app and how she landed herself a job with the company after finding it through her University. As a young entrepreneur, Julia is full of wisdom, motivation, and this episode will truly leave you INSPIRED!

Jan. 19, 2021

027 - Building a Company right out of College with Julia Turner!

Happy Tuesday!This week's episode is 'Building a Company right out of College' with special guest Julia Turner! This is our second episode we are putting out this month with our sponsored partner Pangea.app. Julia is a recent graduate from Duke …

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