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Podcast Ep43

Being a college kid and listening to the conversation between Hugo and Chris McCormack really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. Listening to them discuss how life changing seeing all these different countries really makes me want to book a trip to somewhere I haven’t been to yet and explore and make connections. Great conversation between these 2 guys, definitely going to listen to more of Hugo’s podcasts and gonna start to follow Chris on instagram to keep up with all the great stuff he is doing!

Love this podcast!

Hugo is the man with the plan for all entrepreneurs. Thanks for all the tips and tricks to be successful during the pandemic 💯💯


Hugo is a great speaker! I love the enthusiasm, stories, advice and his guests. A must listen!


Hugo is amazing!! Love his energy and positive attitude!! Thank you Hugo for inspiring me to push myself, see my true potential!!😊

Hugo Rocks

Hugo is the man! Podcast is amazing. Very informative and inspiring. Keep it up brother 🤙

Positive and inspiring Podcasts

Positive and inspiring Podcasts! Great host and guests! Look forward to listening to more of them.

A podcast containing Great Information

I just listened to the podcast 5 Reasons why Marketing Reps can become successful Sales people, I totally agree with everything shared. Anyone thinking about jumping into sales should listen to this podcast. Looking forward to listening to the rest of the T20EWORLD podcasts and learning from all of the knowledge shared! Thank you!

Best Podcast to listen to!!!

As a young teenager in high school the podcast is a great way for kids my age to understand their futures and what they can do. It allows me to understand what I want to pursue and how to get into colleges. Not only does it share real insight of the business world but gives you amazing and helpful tips to help you succeed.

Great podcast that is engaging and educational!

I love listening to this podcast because not only is it educational for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, but Hugo is a phenomenal speaker and brings on so many great guest speakers! Whenever you feel like giving up, just turn on this podcast because it is truly inspiring and has so much positivity that it gives you hope in life! Highly recommend for all ages!!

Best podcast around!

Absolutely love listening to this podcast. They are excellent and very insightful for my 2 college girls who are about to start their careers. I highly recommend!

Don’t skip this podcast!!!

This podcast is amazing. Love the host as he talks about entrepreneurs and is not only helpful to us entrepreneurs but is for every age! Teenagers need to listen this this to build resilience and strong skin. I give it 5 star because 10 star is not an option.

Great podcast for anyone looking to succeed in business!

Highly recommend this podcast for any business owner or entrepreneur. Really well thought out and a lot of valuable information on running and maintain a brand or business. Keep up the good work!

Best Podcast Available

Best podcast available!! Hugo’s got the personality and positivity you want to hear! Topics and guests are always fun to listen to.