T20E World - The 2020 Entrepreneur World Podcast

COVID19, an economic shut down and a global pandemic, forced a worldwide quarantine and caused the entire world to feel the impact.
In the midst of this, I launched  The 2020 Entrepreneur World ( T20E World ) podcast. A podcast dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and guiding Gen Z, Millennials and society with over 30 years of my Life Lessons, Business and Entrepreneurial experiences!
There is no better time to ReVIEW, ReTHINK and ReINVENT a new YOU!

Recent Episodes


057 - From Corporate Career to Crafting your own Beer with Joe Fisher

Oct. 19, 2021

On this week's episode of The 2020 Entrepreneur World (T20E World) I have friend and entrepreneur Joe Fisher with me.  Owner today of Man Skirt Brewing Company in Hackettstown, NJ. Joe shares his journey, as he decides to fi…

Guest: Joe Fisher
Inspirational/Motivational Life Lessons Mentorship/Advice

056 - Understanding YOUR ANCHORS in YOUR LIFE

Sept. 1, 2021

We all need support at times. As we continue to develop both personally and professionally during the course of our lives, we all have those ‘things’ that we can count on.     What happens when the ‘things’ that we have re…

Inspirational/Motivational Life Lessons Mentorship/Advice

055 - Living a More POSITIVE LIFE

Aug. 24, 2021

Living a POSITIVE life starts with your MINDSET. You must have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE to create a POSITIVE ACTION. In this week’s episode of The 2020 Entrepreneur (T20E World) I share with you 10 TIPS on how to live a more pos…

Inspirational/Motivational Mentorship/Advice

054 - Finding the GENIUS in YOU

Aug. 17, 2021

Where does finding the genius in YOU all begin? On this week’s episode of The 2020 Entrepreneur World (T20E World) I share with you HOW to find the "GENIUS in YOU". I want you to keep in mind that this is a process of getti…


053 - Respect the Struggle, Don’t Struggle for Respect with Steven Cruz

Aug. 10, 2021

On this week's episode of The 2020 Entrepreneur World (T20E World) I bring back Steven Cruz to talk to us about how to RESPECT the struggle and how to NOT struggle for respect.  It is so important to not only respect yourse…

Guest: Steven Cruz
Inspirational/Motivational Mentorship/Advice

052 - The American Dream also Needs a Plan with Eldine Agodomou

Aug. 3, 2021

On this week’s episode of The 2020 Entrepreneur World (T20E World) I have with me special guest Eldine Agodomou. Eldine is from Togo West Africa and he is a certified coach, speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur! For Eldine, …

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About the Host

Hugo E. Almeida JrProfile Photo

Hugo E. Almeida Jr

Founder, Creator, Speaker

Hugo Almeida, has been a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Outdoor and Ocean Lover since childhood and today shares a new passion, Podcasting!!
Host and Founder of one of the fastest growing global podcasts, T20E World, ”The 2020 Entrepreneur World". Here he shares his valuable knowledge, life lessons, and business experiences from his over 30 years of being an entrepreneur. Every Tuesday at 12 noon he drops the latest episode and sometimes surprises us all with amazing guests assisting with the discussion of these important topics and share in some great conversations and advice to us all.
Hugo is also the host for "TechFluencer Talk" podcast, founder of the HEA Media Group, HEA Brands and still holds the CEO role for technology leader Abitronix, LLC.