June 26, 2021

Building Habits & Routines for Success

Building Habits & Routines for Success

Couldn’t have said it any better when Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, said, “We are what we REPEATEDLY DO.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a HABIT” and I might as well add one more by sharing another of his famous quotes, which is, “The habits we FORM from childhood make no SMALL difference, but rather they make ALL the difference.”

It all begins with truly understanding how habits are created and what a routine really is.  A habit is an action which is done with little conscious thought, it just happens naturally.  While a routine is a sequence of actions that one regularly follows, something we do repeatedly, whether its brewing your cup of coffee each day at the same time or swinging by the local coffee shop to pick one up on our way to school or work.  We repeat this action consistently.

We can develop amazing routines by applying sets of great habits that we develop over time.

I know most of us have heard that a habit takes 21 days to create.  While this is not 100% incorrect, the real numbers are more like 2 to 8 months for an individual to form a new habit.  Setting your expectations ahead of time is critical.  This helps to develop positive habits in order to create some great routines.

It is important to one’s health and wellbeing to start to creating good habits and routines, it’s never too late to begin and will assist with your daily motivation and accomplishments.

Here are some helpful tips on developing better Routines and Habits.  There are so many more than can get tacked on to this list but I have found these to be a great start!

Try to start by RISING EARLIER.  It all begins with a change to your morning start.  If you normally get up at say 7AM, well now shoot for 6AM.  It’s amazing the difference having 1 extra hour makes especially early morning.

Create MOVEMENT.  Walk, Exercise, Jog, do Yoga. Something involving movement.  This will increase blood flow, release endorphins and strengthen your body, overall placing your mind and body in a much better state.  You will be surprised to see how it will increase your energy levels and assist you in staying more positive throughout the day.  Remember your body is like an engine, it’s important to keep it well maintained.  Also, I must add, this is not a race nor a marathon but rather a way for you to begin to implement change for yourself.  So, start with small steps and continue to increase.  Do what your body feels comfortable doing as long as there is always consistent progress.  Consistency is key!

Have GOALS . . . on PAPER (or your MOBILE device), somewhere where you can constantly READ and RE-READ them.  Remember the saying, “a GOAL without a PLAN is just a DREAM”.  So, you see how important it is to develop this habit.  Have Daily Goals, what do I want from today? Have Yearly Goals, what would you love to accomplish this year? Have a big goal and challenge yourself!

Eat Healthy.  I know you have heard this already and I hate to be the one to restate it, BUT it’s true.  Cut soda, cut fast foods, start somewhere.  Key is to start taking in healthier foods.  It’s imperative to your wellbeing and you will begin to feel differently.  I know this is an area that not always easy but trust me when I tell you, it’s all a part of creating positive habits for no one but yourself! 

STAYING POSITIVE throughout the day.  Understand that things will happen throughout any given day.  Some might be great and others may be challenging.  The key here is to be in the mindset that no matter what happens in your day it will not change your attitude!  Trust me, I understand that we are all humans and emotions can definitely kick in, but as long as we are in a healthy mindset and in a positive state, you will notice that how we handle issues will be completely different.

So important that we learn to REVIEW & REFLECT on what you have accomplished in your day.  Do NOT BELIEVE for ONE SEC you didn’t get anything done.  No matter how small of an accomplishment it may be, reflect on it and know that tomorrow is another day with new goals to hit.

 Be prepared to set NEW GOALS for the next day. 

And as you get closer to wrapping up the day, begin the wind down.  CLEAR YOUR MIND before you prepare for rest.  Read or go for a short walk, this is YOUR TIME, this is the moment you set a side each evening to have the mind get lost in a good book or something educational, inspirational or motivational.  The goal Is to completely clear your mind of all stresses that the day may have brought on.

Finally, REST.  A perfect engine, the Body & Mind, always works best when well rested.