Quick Demo of a Cable Prep/Coax Strippers Tool

Here is a quick demonstration of two popular cable prep tools. The larger of the two, the LDT-596-250, Lightweight Drop Trimmer by Ripley, features one step cable preparation to precisely expose the center conductor for the best cable prep possible. This tools works on RG59, 6, and N48 coax cable. Replacement blades can be purchased separately, and will ensure that this tool will last a lifetime! The smaller red tool is the Double Ended Coax Stripper, 15020, by Platinum Tools. This tool works with RG7/11/213/8 and RG59/6/6 Quad cable types and with no adjustments required, will quickly easily remove the cable jacket and inner conductors in a single step. Thanks for watching and stay tuned. @HEA Media Group