MINDSET and DETERMINATION with Vincent Barragan

From Student, to Airborne, to Ranger school, determined to make the 173rd Airborne Brigade!
Vincent Barragan shares the importance of MINDSET and DETERMINATION in everything you do in life.

Vincent has fascinating experiences and advice and on this episode he shares his mindset and determination of how he transitioned from Captain during Operation Iraqi Freedom, to working his way up the ladder in Corporate America. Today, Vincent is the Director of Finance at prestigious pharmaceutical, Johnson and Johnson.

Vincent has always set many goals in his life and in order to reach those goals, he needed a lot of determination and a strong mindset. It takes a lot of discipline to work your way up to where you want to be. Vincent leaves off with great advice by allowing you to picture yourself as a product and thinking about how you would sell yourself when you are going for a certain role.

ANYTHING is possible. NEVER give up.