Landing your DREAM Job during COVID-19 with Beth Hendler-Grunt

Are you a student coming out of college or someone who had a hard time finding a job after graduating college?
On this week's episode I have my long time great friend, Beth Hendler-Grunt!

Beth launched the "Next Great Step", which is career coaching for college students. She helps students figure out what to do with their career, and help them differentiate themselves to stand out to employers! Beth is a phenomenal speaker and she shares with us some great advice on how to land a job, how to prepare for a virtual interview during COVID-19, and being aware of mental health all while balancing confidence!

Beth reminds all . . . "There ARE Opportunities" and "People HIRE People"

Don't forget to check out . . Beth's YouTube Channel: Next Great Step

For further advice and contact information you can head over to her website: