How Zoom is ZOOMING to the TOP with their Cloud Offering

So awesome to have Zoom Video Communications, Tony Harris as our guest on today's episode of TechFluencer Talk!
Hugo speaks with Tony and has him give us an overview of Zoom's growth and evolution from Zoom Meetings (which we all know and love) to Zoom Phone and now Zoom Rooms!

Simply put, WOW FACTOR as Zoom continues to make waves in the Unified Communications and Collaborations space. Today's Zoom Phones allow customers to add not only the telephony portion to their Zoom Meetings but also SMS, Chatting, File Sharing, Faxing, and of course, Zooms video conferencing capabilities all on the same platform!

Tony later gives a snapshot of how Zoom Rooms is completely transforming the A/V space for Video Conferencing Rooms across the country. Today, Zoom has simplified the way we connect and add devices to a network. From connecting a scheduler or a conference room touchpad, pushing content across an entire company with their Digital Signage license (included with every Zoom Room) ALL ON ONE NETWORK!!!! PRETTY AMAZING and SUPER COOL!!!

Zoom really has become more than just a video conferencing solution. With an all-in-one customizable platform, Zoom is making big changes to the way coworkers and their customers communicate. For your Free Demo today we invite you to contact Abitronix at and a Cloud Consultant will respond to your needs immediately. You can also reach them at 973-584-7550 or visit them on the web ( Don't forget to let them know you heard the news on TechFluencer Talk! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more technology talks. An HEA Media Group Production. @HEA Media Group @Zoom