Behind the Scenes of Podfest Global; Setting GUINNESS World Records w Chris Krimitsos & Andrew Weiss

Chris Krimitsos and Andrew Weiss are making "Virtual Events" and "Podcasting" history with the development of the Podfest Global Summit 2021, holding the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for Largest Attendance for a Virtual Podcasting Conference in One Week.
Take a listen as they both share their experiences as to what it took to take it to this level!
They drop some VALUEABLE advice throughout this episode!! So much to take out of this interview!

Chris Krimitsos also talks about his book, "Start Ugly: A Timeless Tale About Innovation & Change" which delivers great advice to any podcaster, business owner or entrepreneur.
Start Ugly, can be found on Amazon.

Don’t forget to check out Podfest Global, their upcoming events, and join their awesome community!
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