5 Reasons why MARKETING Reps can become successful SALES People!

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On to my 5 Points as to why MARKETING Reps can become successful SALES People!

Have you ever thought to yourself what is the difference between marketing and sales? Or maybe you are in the marketing field and wonder if you could succeed in the sales world? Although marketing and sales are two different beasts, in this episode I am sharing with you 5 reasons WHY as a marketing representative you can become a great salesperson without even realizing!

1. You already UNDERSTAND the Product or the Services you offer
3. You know how to LISTEN
4. You excel at always IMPROVING
5. You are not afraid to invest TIME into your work

To become a GREAT and SUCCESSFUL salesperson it will take practice, but I want you to know that you ALREADY have these 5 amazing traits that any sales person has to work at getting. Whether it is for you or not, it makes a BETTER YOU in the end for trying!

Try something new, it never hurts!