040 - 6 Keys to SALES SUCCESS

On this week's episode it is all about sales! I love sales and believe there are 6 important KEYS as to how to be successful in the sales world!

1. PROSPECTING - Being creative is very important and knowing what your product or service is and who are the right targets and buyers.

2. Establishing Trust and Rapport - Find a common ground and always remember the little things and just BE YOU.

3. Identify Customers’ Needs - Know what you can do, know what you can’t do and if you are not sure – then just be honest.

4. Presenting and Answer Customer Objections - No one loves this one, but remember a good presenter is a good persuader!

5. Closing the Sale - Do not be afraid to ask for the sale ... if you don't ask you won't get.

6. Resales and Referrals - Make your best customer your best sales people!

I hope this episode brings you knowledge and success and please don't forget if you have any questions or need some more advice, you can send me an email at: info@t20eworld.com with any questions ... I LOVE to answer your questions!

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