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Steven Cruz

Founder and President of Omega Educational Consulting

Steven Cruz is the founder and president of Omega Educational Consulting. He is a 20-year veteran of the educational consulting field, with experience working with both domestic and international students.

He graduated from Teachers College of Columbia in 1993 with a Masters degree in Student Personnel Administration. He then joined NYU as Assistant Director of the Office for African American, Latino and Asian American Student Services. During his tenure at NYU Steven was tasked with providing comprehensive counseling, leadership, and financial planning services to NYU's diverse student body. Additionally, Steven developed numerous programs to recruit, advise and mentor international students and provided career-placement and graduate school advisement. Additionally, Steven forged a strategic alliance between New York University and the United States International University in Mexico City, which enabled groups of exchange students to study international relations abroad and immerse themselves in Mexican culture.

Since founding Omega Educational Consulting, Steven has presented several workshops on “How to Enroll in an American University” internationally, working with students across four continents. Steven has been a featured keynote speaker at NYU, Columbia University, and the Juilliard School of the Arts as well as other numerous conferences on student issues.

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