Acceptance Speech "2021 Business Man of the Year" Award

December 8, 2021, Morristown, New Jersey.
The Morris County Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce awarded Mr. Hugo E. Almeida, CEO of Abitronix, LLC the "Business Man of the Year" Award for 2021. The event took place virtually and was attended by many of the top fortune 500 corporations, community leaders, and government officials.
One of the key messages Mr. Almeida shared with everyone was how he had to "ReVIEW, ReTHINK and ReINVENT" the way things needed to get done in order to weather the storm of the Pandemic.

He proceeded to accept his recognition on behalf of his Team and his wife, Frances who has been at his side throughout this journey of Entrepreneurship!

"Thank you to everyone on my Team for your support, I would not be receiving this honor if it wasn't for you. Thank you for being with me on this journey." stated Hugo Almeida.

Small private gathering was held at the Madison Hotel, where President of County College of Morris and event Chair, Dr. Anthony Iacono, Senator Anthony Bucco and Morris County Commissioner Tayfun Selen attended along with Chamber Executive board members.
Please join us in congratulating our CEO Hugo on a job well done!